Monday, December 29, 2014

Thoughts of the One

Thoughts of the One

You’re a beauty so true, an Angel in flight; you calm all my Demons, as you brighten my night.

A gift from the heavens, as you walk on this Earth; you give my life hope, that was lost at my birth.

You have no idea, how much you effect; how peaceful it is, that you’re imperfectly perfect.

With a twitch in your step, and the sway of your hips; the thought of you name, is at the tip of my lips.

A beauty so deep, that it can be felt; even in darkness, it makes my heart melt.

The spark in your eyes, that touches my soul; is the safest I’ve felt, in the depth of this hole.

An Angel with scars, as she’s cut off her wings; to walk on this earth, and help me through things.

She cuts my breath short, at the sight of her face; I’m held in a trance, and stuck in my place.

The butterflies flutter, to be in her presence; they glow in her beauty, and soak up her essence.

It doesn’t just rain, because she’s not outside; it’s the absence of her, is why Mother Nature cried. 

Cleaning the Earth, of dirt and debris; so when she graces our presence, she is easy to see.

A glimpse of this Angel, will brighten your day; you forget all your worries, and hold your demons at bay.

You stand in a sea, surrounded by hordes; but she’s all that stands out, and all you look towards.

You try to move on, from a beauty that beams; for a Goddess like her, is just part of your dreams.

She glides like the wind, as she caresses your heart; a beauty for the ages, like a fine work of art.

I try to focus, on something other than her; but all things around her, just turn to a blur.

What can you do, when your thoughts are just stuck; when you’re scared that your heart, has been silently struck?

Not many has touched, a soul that is so broke; that hides in the darkness, covered in a cloak.

But with her loving touch, that feels like the sun; she stirs my desire, with thoughts of the one.

With a whisper I say, so no one will hear; you bring a smile to my face, and finally a happy tear.

Ronnie H. Lee 12/29/2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Honor Duty and Courage

Honor Duty and Courage

Tis the season, for joy and bliss; for family fun, and a mistletoe kiss.

We run and spend, and get stressed out; we think it’s tough, as we sit and pout.

But don’t forget, before the presents; remember those, that guard with their presence.

The ones that serve, deserve a pause; honor them, before Mr. Claus.

We look in awe, at the beautiful lights; while they stand their ground, all through the night.

From near and far, they protect our Nation; they’re the Hero’s, with their dedication.

We wine and dine, and have our fun; while they dig in deep, and hold their gun.

The lights and booms, that streak the sky; is what comes before, the battle cry.

No day off, or Holiday leave; for the Men and Women, with our Flag on their sleeve.

They stand up tall, and take their turn; and know the risk, that they might not return.

So remember them, and the one’s they love; Honor Duty and Courage, is what a Soldier is made of.
Ronnie H. Lee 12/6/2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014



The winter gloom, takes its toll; as a season dies, it drains your soul.

 The green is gone, and replaced with gray; I sink in sorrow, evermore each day.

 The snow is flying, to freeze the earth; the flowers sleep, with no rebirth.
 I feel the chill, that wraps the air; but it’s much warmer, than this despair.

 I miss the days, of season’s joy; with children’s laughter, from a simple toy.

 The year winds down, to start anew; but all I think, is will I make it through?

 Is it worth, another year like this; to sink and drowned, in this black abyss?

 I want the me, that was a happy man; that loved his life, and had a plan.

 Not this thing, that feels so glum; who waits each day, for the Reaper to come.

 So many suffer, in this silent Hell; the numbers bigger, than even I could tell.

 So when someone doesn’t, return a smile; it’s not personal, they’re just fighting the next mile.

Ronnie H. Lee 11/16/2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Way Door

One Way Door

Separation of will, as my body is food; hopes and desires, are at my feet pooled.

The forest was peaceful, as I sat on this stump; but ravishing Ravens, tore the flesh from this chump.

Contemplation of life, as my dreams turn to Death; from a black sea of sorrow, that steals my breath.

Cocooned in the dark, I search for the light; trapped by the ghouls, that hold me at night.

With memories of love, that torture my heart; from blood that flows freely, as I’m torn apart.

I try to hold pain, in the depth of my soul; as thoughts of my life, show me its toll.

 The Reaper is here, to show me the route; just sign on the line, and he’ll remove my doubt.

The ground is all soggy, from the tears I’ve lost; from the hearts I held dear, I was tossed.

So here I sit, in the dead of night; pouring out words, that I’ve lost the fight.

In the frosty air, I hear the beast; Deaths chains are rattling, as he accepts his feast.

I thought the pain would be worse, as it tore to my core; but this maze of my Hell, finally has a door.
Ronnie H. Lee 11/4/2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Reapers Final Victory

The Reapers Final Victory

The blowing wind, chills me to the bone; has the weather changed, or is it from feeling so alone?

The days drag on, and the night’s longer still; how easy it would be, to watch my red blood spill.

Miles of vision, in every direction I see; searching for the one, that will come and complete me.

Shadows of death, across a moonlit sky; from the depth of my heart, I whimper and cry.

I dig and I claw, through the dirt of the crypt; completing a home, for my soul to be shipped.

Maybe my body, will be absorbed by the earth; I’ll nourish the forest, and be of some worth.

No sympathy hugs, nor pity I seek; for I’m just used up, and tired and weak.

I’ve tried all my life, to do the right thing; but lost what I’ve loved, because them I couldn’t bring.

I gathered my things, and drifted away; they didn’t even care, for my heart they did play.

So years have gone by, and alone I still sit; counting the days, before I finally quit.

The rustling of leaves, as the summer dies; makes me question my choice, since this is my prize.

The seasons can pass, and be reborn; but that’s not a choice, when you heart has been torn.

I’ve searched for a way, to heal my soul; but I think I’m too deep, in the pit of this hole.

I’m just a message in print, or a voice on the phone; no hand to be held, or love to be shown.

How long can I live, when I’m not complete; I wish I were just words, and I could hit delete.

I’m worn out and weary, with this life I’ve been cursed; for I live in this darkness, and have seen the worst.

No answers to find, with no questions left; if you have any compassion, make my life your theft.

Don’t drag out this pain, to give you a show; it’s all just a rerun, with an ending we know.

Throw in a twist, that will give them a shock; just show me the cliff, and I’ll go for a walk.

Free as a bird, so I can finally rest; no beat of a heart, in the depth of this chest.

A smile emerges, as the reaper appears; for he can’t hurt me no longer, after all of these years.

With a grin of his own, he groans out this sound; the love that you seek, tomorrow you would have found.

Ronnie H. Lee 10/31/2014

Monday, October 20, 2014



Demons and Devils and desperate desires; formulate fear, in fermenting fires.

Panic and palsy and pulsating pains; grips and grinds, in groaning graves.

Hoards and hemlock and hounds of Hell; scar and shred, in shimmery shells.

Loss and love and lonely lives; toss and turn, in tormenting tides.   
Ronnie H. Lee 10/21/2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Wish You Could

I Wish You Could

Can you see me?

Sitting alone in the corner.

Can you feel me?

Gazing into your soul.

Can you hear me?

Crying in the night.

Can you smell them?

The flowers that fill the room.

Can you taste me?

Pressing against your lips.

I can still smell.

The sweetness of your skin.

I can still hear.

Your heartbeat echoing in my soul.

I can still feel.

My love for you that never swayed.

I can see.

Your tears because I’m gone.

Why couldn’t you want me when I was still alive?

Ronnie H. Lee 10/13/2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finally Home

Finally Home

Which reality, is the one that’s real; am I allowed to choose, based on what I feel.

I wake each day, to a firey Hell; from the peaceful bliss, with an Angel I dwell.

I close my eyes, and dance with a Goddess; I give her the world, with all the love I promise.

But how cruel it is, to have to wake; to feel her absence, as I start to ache.

I see a world, where hatred runs free; and the greed of mankind, is an ever darkening sea.

I want to slip back, into a coma with thee; where my soul isn’t screaming, and my heart feels free.

It hard to explain, a curse from so deep; I cry from my core, till the twilight of sleep.

This can’t be living, with all of its pain; I might as well exist, in the Reapers Domain.

I wonder if, you dream in death; or will she fade forever, if I don’t take this breath?

I want a life, where love’s the cure; where I can sleep and wake, and feel secure.

What is a dream, with all of its peace; where your soul is at ease, and your Demons cease.

I will choose this side, with the Angels and fairies; where I’m not all alone, and my love she carries.

Why should I wake, to a world on fire; where death and destruction, is everyone’s desire?

Who is to say, which one is real; which one is free, and which can I steal?

One is a dream, where I know I belong; where I know I am loved, and my soul has a song.

A nightmare in Hell, is on the other side; where dreams and desires, have been broken and died.

I want to sleep, but don’t want to wake; with each new day, a little more hope they take.

Am I really awake, when I think I’m asleep; is my mind a prison, with my thoughts this deep?

I’m weary and tired, from this battle I fight; I just want the strength, to find my forever night.

To close my eyes, and never return; to a world like this, where all I do is burn.

Is it so wrong, to take this way out; when the next words I hear, is what life’s all about.

I’m getting so tired, in this torment I roam; I close my eyes now, and hear “Honey you’re home”.

I finally can choose, to find my way; in this Garden of Eden, with this Angel I’ll stay.

Ronnie H. Lee 10/4/2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014



Bully’s exist, and effect our life; with their words and actions, that cause us strife.

The thing you don’t know, is their really afraid; so buried down deep, their anger they trade.

The fear they cause, to the ones they abuse; is because they’re not taught, there’s other views.

They hide behind, the cruelty they give; and never think, of how others will live.

Verbal abuse, is just the beginning; they think if you’re crying, then they are winning.

Physical trauma, is next on the list; when their words aren’t working, they move to their fists.

Mental torture, may not damage the skin; but the scars they cause, are buried deep within.

Bullying is, a major issue these days; action is needed, it’s not just a phase.

They start when they’re young, and need to be taught; so as an adult, an abuser they’re not.

Imagine a life, when you’re abused every day; when no one will listen, or cares what you say.

You stand there and take it, and hear some laugh; but you’re left all alone, no one on your behalf.

You think this is normal, because no one will help; they all turned a blind eye, when you let out a yelp.

Now what kind of message, do we send to others; when we won’t even defend, our sisters and brothers?

Now imagine a child, that’s scared every day; because you made it ok, to be treated this way.

Do you think they will find, the peace they deserve; or wait for the bully’s, to give what they serve?

They hate the life, that they have to live; for everyone takes, with nothing to give.

As an adult, this is hard enough; some fight every day, to deal with this stuff.

Some don’t make it, because of a bully; because a bully becomes an abuser, and destroy you fully.

A child deserves comfort, and not told it’s their fault; so they bury the emotion, and take the assault.

How would you feel, if you didn’t say a word; and you let a bully persist, with the abuse they transferred.

So come to find out, the day that had past; was too much for that child, so they made it their last.

Ronnie H. Lee 10/2/2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

The War Within

The War Within

I have dipped into the depth of my soul in search of what is haunting me. The visions of the ghouls that surf my soul and the gnawing from the hounds that feed on my hope, have sent shivering shrieks to my core. I have stumbled past the memories that scar my heart and the corpses of my shattered dreams. The irreverent forms of death stand tall as they mock me and draw me deeper into their abyss. I am now faced with the reality of fighting for my life from within this tomb of torment. Every vision more horrific then the last. The rotting stench of death seeps from the marrow of my deteriorating bones as the keeper of souls lays out my life for a feast on his formal dining table. With polished pitch forks and goblets from skulls, he picks away at his meal while I watch myself being devoured and feel every slice as he peels the nerve fibers from my flesh. I scream out in agony with the question, “why?”

 I have experienced the trembling and shakes before but now understand it is the outward signs that are witnessed as the internal screams cannot be heard. With Black Death for eyes, flesh dripping from his claws, and the stains from well drained veins on his fangs he resonates with the sounds of millions of tormented souls, “because no one wants you, a lonely soul is my playground and I will drain you to near death without releasing from my grasp”.  He grins at me as he says, “you will heal, you will feel better at times, but that is just so the next round will be that much more painful for you and pure pleasure for me”.

I have been warned about asking a question I didn’t want the answer to but now I know. I have peered into the abyss of my own dying soul and am more lost now than when I started. I am more in tune with the war that rages within me and I feel sick with every breath I take, as it is just feeding the Demons that devour my being. I stand at the edge of enlightenment and I am held back from diving of this cliff as the Death Dealer has not finished his meal of me yet.

I look strong and beastly on the outside but internally I am emaciated and broken. I pray for the will power to beat these hordes or for the strength to break his grasp and let me plunge to the firey depth of my demise. It is hard to believe the cost when love passes you by.
Ronnie H. Lee  9/21/2014



The silent war that rages within my soul is one of enlightenment. A life of loss has transformed my future into a dead end. The never ending path I follow is scarred with the impressions of my ghostly footsteps that deepen ever increasingly, with each journey around this maze of torment. The wounds I have endured still seep blood through the unhealed crevices of my heart and scream the story of my life. I am battered, beaten, and broken as I claw my way to that final resting place among the rotting roots on this trail. I have seen the glow from the moon up high and it is quite Fancy. She has brought me comfort, as it shines on my weary body but remains a cosmic beauty to be seen and never enjoyed, like everything else in life. I have lost track of where I begin and the suffering ends or if there is even a difference in the two. I was born a person with the same hopes and dreams as everyone else but didn’t realize until later that I was the embodiment of Torment. I scratch these words out with the last essence of my life, in hopes that I will live on in the souls of the beautiful people I never got to experience. Search for balance and find peace before the reaper becomes your master.
Ronnie H. Lee 9/19/2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Never Whole

Never Whole

The dark of the night, seems like blackness all around; but it’s bright in comparison, to a soul with no sound.

The me that I was, has been gone for a while; I trusted in love, before it deleted my smile.

The suffering of silence, through echoes of pain; are the screams from my Hell, before my heart is slain.

To the one’s that I loved, I’ve given my all; I think I am empty, and hearing that call.

The silence is dark, and calling my name; because we both had an existence, that’s exactly the same.

A soul isn’t supposed, to survive all alone; half of a whole, is all I have known.

So with blood that won’t flow, from a heart with no beat; will I still be alone, when death I do meet?

By Ronnie H. Lee    7/28/2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Demons Inside

The Demons Inside

The Demons in Hell, have been let out; they chewed through their chains, to wander about. 

 They found a new place, to run and be free; they’re buried down deep, and are a part of me.

They feed on my soul, and take my dreams for dessert; the pain is unreal, as my heart turns to dirt.

The blood that is spilt, to cure their desire; is cut from my flesh, with fire and barbed wire.

The scars are in deep, and carved to my bone; if you listen real close, each one of them moan.

The freedom I seek, from the Hell that is me; comes from undying love, or my death that I see.

One I can’t find, and one never takes; I’m beaten and broken, as I sit with the shakes.

I don’t really live, I just sort of exist; I am just a name on a page, on a very long list.

Nothing that special, or sets me apart; all that I have, are some words I call art.

All that I feel, are torments and pains; it courses like fire, as it burns through my veins.

With the fury of Hell, and the power of hate; it consumes to my core, and seals my fate.

I know that I’m done, because I’m used to this; there is nothing in life, I want to reminisce.

I look to the future, but see nothing to gain; no love to be had, just sadness and pain.

The Demons have won, and drained me of will; they creep up my spine, as I hear their shrill.

With teeth out of razors, and claws made of fire; they feast on my hope, and consume all desire.

I try to be strong, and act like I’m fine; but they’re draining my life, like a fine aged wine.

With no light in the tunnel, to see up ahead; I sit in the darkness, to be consumed by the dead.

A meal for free, with no fight to be had; I lay in the puddles, of my blood that’s gone bad.

I found my way out, as they tear me to pieces; my breathing gets labored, as my life force decreases.

I’ve done my bit, and paid my due; I’ll find my peace, as soon as they’re through.

These Demons are cruel, and never let go; I hope it’s a feeling, that you never know.

Something to learn, from this life that I’ve had; if you don’t find your way out, you’ll always be sad.
By Ron Lee      5/17/2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Beauty Beyond

Beauty Beyond

This story I have, is as old as time; I dreamt of a girl, that I wish would be mine.

I wake to a world, that is silent and cold; she consumes all my thoughts, for her I wish I could hold.

I try to lie down, for in my dreams she is there; it’s a feeling I miss, that someone might care.

She floats in my mind, above the fires of hell; I search all the heavens, from this place that I dwell.

A beauty with wings, is a glimpse that I see; I wonder if she’s real, or only exists within me.

I run and I search, to find my desire; a feeling I know, she is all I require.

What will I do, if I see her for real; what would I say, about the way that I feel?

They say the truth that you speak, will set you free; but all I have seen, is I’m left alone in this sea.

With the waves of my life, pushing me down; I sink in the sorrow, that cause me to drown.

I try to stay strong, and fight for some peace; but how easy I’d be, to make it all cease.

The fear that I have, that I’m losing this fight; is because I’m alone, as I cry through the night.

With the streaks on my face, from the tears that still flow; I hide in a pit, from those that don’t know.

I want to be free, of this sorrow and grief; to look in her eyes, and get some relief.

For the one that I seek, is an Angel of peace; she takes all my pain, and makes it release.

Don’t know what she’ll think, if she ever finds out; she’s the destiny I want, when I finish this route.

A strange feeling appears, that I feel on my face; a smile emerges, at the thought of her grace.

It’s frightening to feel, a reprieve from my grief; because the time that is lasts, is always so brief.

The trip that I take, back to the pit that is home; gets deeper and darker, every time that I roam.

I wonder how long, I’ll survive these trips; as the darkness consumes, with my heart an eclipse.

I hope that the light, is soon to emerge; with the one that I found, and our love will converge.

She is an Angel with scars, and some dirt on her wings; but the beauty I see, is beyond all these things.

                             By Ron Lee      4/2014

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Words from Within

Words From Within

I pour out my soul, as I sit here and write; my heart bleeds out on paper, cocooned in the night.

I write about pain, and torment and strife; I let the words flow, as I live out my life.

The darkness inside, is a demon with claws; he is buried down deep, and surrounded by walls.

My memories it haunts, as it feeds on my soul; dragging me deeper, to the pit of this hole.

Forever I’m lost, with no way to be free; this tomb is my home, for eternity I see.

I breathe in the air, that’s stagnant and foul; trapped with the corpse’s, that rot in this bowel.

The screams that you hear, from the abyss of my core; are me searching in vain, from a place with no door.

The torment of life, is always kept fresh; it has chained me to death, as it rips off my flesh.

I’ve tried to escape, this place that I dwell; they keep bringing me back, for this internment in Hell.

Try as I may, to find my way out; I’m consumed by my fear, and surrounded by doubt.

The Devil himself, has welcomed me home; stripped me of will, in this fire to roam.

The defeat that I feel, is not a new one for me; it continues to boil, no matter my plea.

I fight and I struggle, cause I’m not ready to go; I ask myself why, but I really don’t know.

Darkness is said, to be the absence of light; which is easy to see, as I sit in the night.

If that is the case, as I sit on this slope; then the feeling of death, is the absence of hope.
By Ron Lee    2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Handle With Care

Handle with Care

I had a love, that had no clue; they took for granted, all that’s true.

They spoke the words, to hold my heart; but forgot the soul, so now we part.

They did their best, to keep me there; but I’m no prize, to hold your stare.

If it were blessed, to share this life; you would have ceased, and stopped the strife.

You said you’re sorry, and things will change; but it’s too late, I feel so strange.

The time went by, all hope has past; I wanted love, with no spells to be cast.

If you can change, to keep me near; why didn’t you do it, before the fear?

You waited till, my trust was gone; I listened closely, but there’s no song.

I’m torn apart, from what is missing; I liked the days, when we were kissing.

You held me close, within your guard; my heart was fragile, but now it’s scarred.

 I hate to say, I loved you more; but you just watched, as I shut the door.

You waited till, the time was right; you figured out, it’s lonely at night.

You found the time, to send a note; now you’re lonely, so you wrote.

That’s not fair, for what I’ve done; I really thought, you were the one.

I’m moving on, to find my way; I see the sun, I feel a ray.

You’ll always be, a part of me; but I have to go, and set you free.

I’m crying hard, as I walk; no longer sitting, to watch the clock.

I’m feeling hurt, and full of pain; I gave my all, my soul you drain.

You have no power, to change my mind; I took it back, it’s mine to bind.

I miss the life, that’s supposed to be; where I feel the love, that’s meant for me.

My search goes on, to fill my soul; to find that heart, that makes me whole.

To bless my life, and hold me tight; and let me know, everything’s alright.

I hope there’s one, within the mass; that can handle a heart, that’s made of glass.
By Ron Lee   4/2014