Monday, March 23, 2015

The Vow

The Vow
When I asked him about the case, his eyes grew cold and distant; a kind of shield, to protect his heart in an instant.

He stared in a gaze, for it wasn’t just a case; it was made with great care, and lined with silk and lace.

There were trinkets and letters, and scraps of paper laid in; surrounding a gold vase, that stood shining within.

 A memorial of sorts, that brought him to tears; for it’s all that remains, of the love he spent years.

It sat by the window, in the glow of the Sun; surrounded by flower, and pictures of loved ones.

She was more than a women, or a wife you see; she was the air that I breathe, and the best part of me.

She made me feel whole, with a smile on my face; she was my Angel from Heaven, that moved with such Grace.

I am sure there are plenty, that could have flown; so why did he take her, and leave me all alone?

So that case will set there, till the day I die; for I made a vow, and I can’t say Goodbye.
Ronnie H. Lee 3/23/2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Tomb

Hello everyone. I haven't been able to write at all this year until today. Hopefully the block is gone. So here is my first piece for this year.

The Tomb

My eyes went from full of life to Black Death as my heart drifted out of my life. It’s a kind of torment that goes beyond searing pain and into the realm of torturous mutilation. To feel the love from a one sided perspective as they disavow any feelings for you, draws agony from the ground as it engulfs your body. The icy chill that entombs your soul and silences the screams from within becomes your home as you sit and wonder if Death would be more humane.
Ronnie H. Lee 3/18/2015