Monday, December 29, 2014

Thoughts of the One

Thoughts of the One

You’re a beauty so true, an Angel in flight; you calm all my Demons, as you brighten my night.

A gift from the heavens, as you walk on this Earth; you give my life hope, that was lost at my birth.

You have no idea, how much you effect; how peaceful it is, that you’re imperfectly perfect.

With a twitch in your step, and the sway of your hips; the thought of you name, is at the tip of my lips.

A beauty so deep, that it can be felt; even in darkness, it makes my heart melt.

The spark in your eyes, that touches my soul; is the safest I’ve felt, in the depth of this hole.

An Angel with scars, as she’s cut off her wings; to walk on this earth, and help me through things.

She cuts my breath short, at the sight of her face; I’m held in a trance, and stuck in my place.

The butterflies flutter, to be in her presence; they glow in her beauty, and soak up her essence.

It doesn’t just rain, because she’s not outside; it’s the absence of her, is why Mother Nature cried. 

Cleaning the Earth, of dirt and debris; so when she graces our presence, she is easy to see.

A glimpse of this Angel, will brighten your day; you forget all your worries, and hold your demons at bay.

You stand in a sea, surrounded by hordes; but she’s all that stands out, and all you look towards.

You try to move on, from a beauty that beams; for a Goddess like her, is just part of your dreams.

She glides like the wind, as she caresses your heart; a beauty for the ages, like a fine work of art.

I try to focus, on something other than her; but all things around her, just turn to a blur.

What can you do, when your thoughts are just stuck; when you’re scared that your heart, has been silently struck?

Not many has touched, a soul that is so broke; that hides in the darkness, covered in a cloak.

But with her loving touch, that feels like the sun; she stirs my desire, with thoughts of the one.

With a whisper I say, so no one will hear; you bring a smile to my face, and finally a happy tear.

Ronnie H. Lee 12/29/2014