Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Words from Within

Words From Within

I pour out my soul, as I sit here and write; my heart bleeds out on paper, cocooned in the night.

I write about pain, and torment and strife; I let the words flow, as I live out my life.

The darkness inside, is a demon with claws; he is buried down deep, and surrounded by walls.

My memories it haunts, as it feeds on my soul; dragging me deeper, to the pit of this hole.

Forever I’m lost, with no way to be free; this tomb is my home, for eternity I see.

I breathe in the air, that’s stagnant and foul; trapped with the corpse’s, that rot in this bowel.

The screams that you hear, from the abyss of my core; are me searching in vain, from a place with no door.

The torment of life, is always kept fresh; it has chained me to death, as it rips off my flesh.

I’ve tried to escape, this place that I dwell; they keep bringing me back, for this internment in Hell.

Try as I may, to find my way out; I’m consumed by my fear, and surrounded by doubt.

The Devil himself, has welcomed me home; stripped me of will, in this fire to roam.

The defeat that I feel, is not a new one for me; it continues to boil, no matter my plea.

I fight and I struggle, cause I’m not ready to go; I ask myself why, but I really don’t know.

Darkness is said, to be the absence of light; which is easy to see, as I sit in the night.

If that is the case, as I sit on this slope; then the feeling of death, is the absence of hope.
By Ron Lee    2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Handle With Care

Handle with Care

I had a love, that had no clue; they took for granted, all that’s true.

They spoke the words, to hold my heart; but forgot the soul, so now we part.

They did their best, to keep me there; but I’m no prize, to hold your stare.

If it were blessed, to share this life; you would have ceased, and stopped the strife.

You said you’re sorry, and things will change; but it’s too late, I feel so strange.

The time went by, all hope has past; I wanted love, with no spells to be cast.

If you can change, to keep me near; why didn’t you do it, before the fear?

You waited till, my trust was gone; I listened closely, but there’s no song.

I’m torn apart, from what is missing; I liked the days, when we were kissing.

You held me close, within your guard; my heart was fragile, but now it’s scarred.

 I hate to say, I loved you more; but you just watched, as I shut the door.

You waited till, the time was right; you figured out, it’s lonely at night.

You found the time, to send a note; now you’re lonely, so you wrote.

That’s not fair, for what I’ve done; I really thought, you were the one.

I’m moving on, to find my way; I see the sun, I feel a ray.

You’ll always be, a part of me; but I have to go, and set you free.

I’m crying hard, as I walk; no longer sitting, to watch the clock.

I’m feeling hurt, and full of pain; I gave my all, my soul you drain.

You have no power, to change my mind; I took it back, it’s mine to bind.

I miss the life, that’s supposed to be; where I feel the love, that’s meant for me.

My search goes on, to fill my soul; to find that heart, that makes me whole.

To bless my life, and hold me tight; and let me know, everything’s alright.

I hope there’s one, within the mass; that can handle a heart, that’s made of glass.
By Ron Lee   4/2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

Angel’s and Demon’s, are part of your soul; which will you chose, to pull from the hole?

One will protect, with all of its might; one will take flight, when you’re lost in the night.

One from above, one from below; One drags you down, one helps you grow.

Finding your way, in this Hell for a life; is a balancing act, as you straddle a knife.

You feel where you’ve been, you know where you are; but what’s in the future, beyond all the scars?

Life is a maze, that leaves you confused; it’s beaten you down, and your heart has been used.

Where was your Angel, when you needed her most; nowhere to be found, as she abandoned her post.

Your Demon was there, to comfort your soul; with thoughts of revenge, as pain took its toll.

It gave you a reason, to stay in the fight; while you were crying in silence, in the dark of the night.

Which would you choose, when you needed them most; darkness or light, to serve as your host?

Is the answer you have, one that you’d share; others wouldn’t get it, unless they’ve been there.

It’s easy to stay, when life’s going fine; to sit on your shoulder, and take credit and shine.

Where does she go, when darkness rolls in; when your soul catches fire, as you contemplate sin?

Her job isn’t done, because you’ve lost hope; she could stay in the fight, and help you to cope.

I wonder sometimes, which is the best; which is my savior, and which is the test.

 Angels and Demons, are part of this suite; why must we choose, which makes us complete.

If we’re the sum of our parts, then why would we choose; each has a mission, with different views.

One for protection, to give us defense; one fights with a fury, to give us offense.

One comes from the dark, the other from light; but what does it matter, if you survive the fight.

Life is a balance, in order to live; sometimes you take, and sometimes you give.

A lesson in pain, to enjoy the light; you need both for a future, before your soul will take flight.

Angels and Demons, are what make us complete; both are the reason, we maintain a heartbeat.

                                          By Ron Lee    4/2014

Unreturned Love

Unreturned Love

There are some in this world, that love more than others; they open their hearts, in search of another.

Hope is the fuel, that feeds our fire; it burns with a passion, as it turns to desire.

The heart has a way, to show you its pain; as tears pour from your eyes, and cover like rain.

No release for the soul, for it to borrow; so it uses these words, so it doesn’t drowned on its sorrow.

We take all the pain, and torment and grief; but the person we’re with, steals our love like a thief.

Without even a kiss, or a thank you so much; they go on with their life, using our heart as a crutch.

Why do we stay, and take the abuse; so I won’t be alone, is my only excuse.

I want it so bad, with love to be treated; to see in their eyes, that my souls been completed.

We give them a life, and treat them so sweet; but we look in their face, and know that they cheat.

We don’t say a word, and push it down deep; because the truth of this knowledge, just makes us feel cheap.

We push and we struggle, and say it ok; we do what we can, just so they’ll stay.

We want a way out, as we ask for advice; but all that we hear, is you better think twice.

A promise you made, from the good book; you swore to the Lord, with the vows that you took.

What kind of person, would guilt you with God; one that couldn’t find the courage, so they live with a fraud.

A friend that I’ve found, understands what I say; she knows how it feels, with the price that we pay.

The ones that we’ve loved, have torn us apart; were afraid to keep trying, for what it’s done to our heart.

A love that I had, I thought was the one; she died from a beating, and since there’s been none.

The fear that I have, has crippled my soul; so I hide with my heart, in the depth of this hole.

I want to find love, and finally be free; to wash out my soul, of all this death and debris.

The problem I have, is starting over again; because the life that I’ve had, has worn me quite thin.

I want to be happy, but don’t know about trust; one more heartbreak, will turn me to dust.

All that I want, in the life I have left; is to find my true love, and finally feel blessed.
By Ron Lee   4/16/2014