Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Angel

Never Alone

Some angels soar and they shift, as they fell from the Heavens through the fog and the mist

They twist and they turn as they cry out in pain, they plummet to earth with nothing to gain.

They come for our souls they come to protect, they open their hearts and give us respect.

They will not judge or turn us away, they suffer for us to save us this day.

An Angel is beauty the purest form of light, they show the way home in the darkest of night.

We cover our ears and hold our breathe, as the battle goes on to save us from Death.

We are not right and we are not wrong, the Devil himself has sung us this song.

We know what to do we know what we’ve done, we’ve sold our soul to have a little fun.

We’ve taken this life and torn it apart, we’ve destroyed our homes and torn out its heart.

I pray for my Angel to show me the way, please don’t let go I need you today.

I ask for your help I have been brought to my knees, I can’t find my Angel would you send her please.

I am lost in the dark with no place to go, I beg and I plead for my Angel to Show.

I see a bright light its coming this way, that’s my Angel right there come to save me this day.

She’s been battered and beaten from this world of wrath, she’s broken her wings to show me the path.

I pray to you now before it’s too late, please welcome her home before you seal her fate.

I love her so much what am I to do, I just say goodbye as she’s taken home to you.

I sit and I cry because my Angel’s not here, I’m lost in this Hell surrounded by fear.

As I close my eyes what do I see, a brilliant bright light appears before me.

It’s my Angel from Heaven looking good as new, she says you are never alone I am always with you.
                                                By Ron Lee

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A gift you should accept.

Heavenly Gift

Not all Angels have a halo and wings, some are just like us and help us get through things.

They live in this realm and suffer like us, they were pulled from Heaven without even a fuss.

What right do we have to be petty and mean, we know where they’re from and can only imagine what they have seen.

They came to this Hell to give us a break, we are all in need so this gift we should take.

If you fall for an Angel what more could you ask, my soul is a puzzle her love completes the task.
When you find that peace your search is done, time to enjoy life and savor the one.

                                                                                          By Ron Lee

If you meet the love of your life, stop looking for what is missing and focus on the feeling you have. Sometimes the things that are missing is what makes them imperfectly perfect.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too much time alone


Deep in our mind there is a place we all go, looking for peace where we don’t even know.

We sit there and ponder and let out a big sigh, we think of our life as we start to cry.

This world is cruel I know this to be true, because I sit here alone and wish I was with you.

I search for some release I search for some hope, I am doing my best it’s very hard to cope.

Life is not easy it’s all just a test, I think I have failed I can’t get any rest.

My mind is a mess my thoughts are a blur, I need a break this is for sure.

With my heart all depleted and my soul in a pit, devastation is home forever I just sit.

My life has been cursed as I sit here alone, I pray for the day when you welcome me home.

The love we once shared was a blessing to me, I search for my future but you’re all I can see.

I hope for the day when I’m not so blue, let me finish this up with a simple I Love You.
You really don't understand how much of a blessing someone is in your life until you have to spend a long time away from them. I only hope they know how important they are and never forget what we mean to each other when we are together. It is easy to forget with so much going on in life but the things we deal with now will only make our future that much better and we can sit back in our rocking chairs and laugh at all the crap we went through. Life will never be perfect but it will be as close as you can get with your imperfectly perfect puzzle piece.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

My first book

I wanted every one to know that I got my book published today. Check it out. Thanks

The Book of Light and Dark
Authored by Ron Lee
List Price: $6.49
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
106 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1491014967 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1491014962
BISAC: Poetry / American / General
This is a journey through the mind of Ron Lee. The twists, turns, and tragedies of a life that has brought me to the peacefulness of the Heavens and into the darkest places of Hell. Its an understanding of the healing power of love or the soul crushing abyss of hopelessness.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blog Help

Hi. I am not sure if anyone is even seeing my posts. I have never set up a blog before so if anyone can offer any help on how to improve my blog I would really appreciate it. Thanks for any help you can offer.           Ron

Your Future

You never know what the future holds.

In Order to truly enjoy Life, you need a Past that lets you Understand the Difference.

To Obtain the Life you want, you have to Leave behind the life you once had.

You can’t truly Understand or Appreciate Happiness without the Lonely Devastation of Past Misery.
If you keep looking to long for what you think you want, you might miss out on what you already have.
By Ron Lee


Thursday, July 4, 2013

For my Perfectly Imperfect Angel

My Last Breath

As my eyes open to the dawning of a new day I notice an achy hollow feeling deep within me. My very soul is crying out for its other half; my heart is in turmoil at the empty space between my arms. You see there is a truth that I have come to realize, that for every person there is a true soul mate. Once these two have met the bond between them is connected and the healing of a withered soul begins. The bond between them is so deep that in the absence of each other the very essence of their existence starts to decay. I have searched my whole life for this feeling of peace and completeness and now I have found it. After more than 40 years of clawing my way through the rotting waste land of my life and enduring more torment and pain than I thought was possible for one life, I met a woman that reached into my soul and with her calming touch brought me to my knees. She has touched me on a level that defies explanation. I can actually feel my soul connecting with hers as my torment ceases and I can see the pain in her eyes start to melt away as she realizes what it is to be loved and treated like an Angel. If I have but one life to live, then it is only a life if it is spent with her. We have both spent our lives in the servitude of others expectations of us. It is our turn to be happy and loved for who we are and not for what others can make us. Don’t be afraid to be happy, you deserve it. I cherish every fiber of your being and will spend the rest of my life making you feel special. As the last breath of my existence leaves my body I will use it to say “Thank you for bringing peace into my life and know that I will love you for all Eternity------.
By Ron Lee
The absence of my puzzle piece leave my picture incomplete.

Weeping Willow

An Angel I know inspired me to write this. Hope you like it.

The Willows

The Willow tree used to be the mightiest of trees. It stood tall and strong like a mighty Oak. It was the most beautiful, most perfect tree on earth. It was vain and full of greed. The mighty Willow would announce how perfect it was and how there was nothing more beautiful than its exquisite color and strong limbs. The Willow instructed God to stop trying to create unblemished beauty because nothing was greater than them. God told the Willow that its vanity would be its downfall because there was a being more pure, more beautiful than them. They scoffed at God and told him that’s not possible. If there is such a creature we will bow before it for all eternity. God accepted there offer. God showed them his most perfect creation. When the Willows looked at my Angel they began to cry at the pure beauty that was before them. They accepted their defeat and bowed in silent reverence. Now for all eternity these trees will be known as Weeping Willows and will never again stand tall with vanity.
By Ron Lee