Saturday, November 15, 2014



The winter gloom, takes its toll; as a season dies, it drains your soul.

 The green is gone, and replaced with gray; I sink in sorrow, evermore each day.

 The snow is flying, to freeze the earth; the flowers sleep, with no rebirth.
 I feel the chill, that wraps the air; but it’s much warmer, than this despair.

 I miss the days, of season’s joy; with children’s laughter, from a simple toy.

 The year winds down, to start anew; but all I think, is will I make it through?

 Is it worth, another year like this; to sink and drowned, in this black abyss?

 I want the me, that was a happy man; that loved his life, and had a plan.

 Not this thing, that feels so glum; who waits each day, for the Reaper to come.

 So many suffer, in this silent Hell; the numbers bigger, than even I could tell.

 So when someone doesn’t, return a smile; it’s not personal, they’re just fighting the next mile.

Ronnie H. Lee 11/16/2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

One Way Door

One Way Door

Separation of will, as my body is food; hopes and desires, are at my feet pooled.

The forest was peaceful, as I sat on this stump; but ravishing Ravens, tore the flesh from this chump.

Contemplation of life, as my dreams turn to Death; from a black sea of sorrow, that steals my breath.

Cocooned in the dark, I search for the light; trapped by the ghouls, that hold me at night.

With memories of love, that torture my heart; from blood that flows freely, as I’m torn apart.

I try to hold pain, in the depth of my soul; as thoughts of my life, show me its toll.

 The Reaper is here, to show me the route; just sign on the line, and he’ll remove my doubt.

The ground is all soggy, from the tears I’ve lost; from the hearts I held dear, I was tossed.

So here I sit, in the dead of night; pouring out words, that I’ve lost the fight.

In the frosty air, I hear the beast; Deaths chains are rattling, as he accepts his feast.

I thought the pain would be worse, as it tore to my core; but this maze of my Hell, finally has a door.
Ronnie H. Lee 11/4/2014