Friday, October 31, 2014

The Reapers Final Victory

The Reapers Final Victory

The blowing wind, chills me to the bone; has the weather changed, or is it from feeling so alone?

The days drag on, and the night’s longer still; how easy it would be, to watch my red blood spill.

Miles of vision, in every direction I see; searching for the one, that will come and complete me.

Shadows of death, across a moonlit sky; from the depth of my heart, I whimper and cry.

I dig and I claw, through the dirt of the crypt; completing a home, for my soul to be shipped.

Maybe my body, will be absorbed by the earth; I’ll nourish the forest, and be of some worth.

No sympathy hugs, nor pity I seek; for I’m just used up, and tired and weak.

I’ve tried all my life, to do the right thing; but lost what I’ve loved, because them I couldn’t bring.

I gathered my things, and drifted away; they didn’t even care, for my heart they did play.

So years have gone by, and alone I still sit; counting the days, before I finally quit.

The rustling of leaves, as the summer dies; makes me question my choice, since this is my prize.

The seasons can pass, and be reborn; but that’s not a choice, when you heart has been torn.

I’ve searched for a way, to heal my soul; but I think I’m too deep, in the pit of this hole.

I’m just a message in print, or a voice on the phone; no hand to be held, or love to be shown.

How long can I live, when I’m not complete; I wish I were just words, and I could hit delete.

I’m worn out and weary, with this life I’ve been cursed; for I live in this darkness, and have seen the worst.

No answers to find, with no questions left; if you have any compassion, make my life your theft.

Don’t drag out this pain, to give you a show; it’s all just a rerun, with an ending we know.

Throw in a twist, that will give them a shock; just show me the cliff, and I’ll go for a walk.

Free as a bird, so I can finally rest; no beat of a heart, in the depth of this chest.

A smile emerges, as the reaper appears; for he can’t hurt me no longer, after all of these years.

With a grin of his own, he groans out this sound; the love that you seek, tomorrow you would have found.

Ronnie H. Lee 10/31/2014

Monday, October 20, 2014



Demons and Devils and desperate desires; formulate fear, in fermenting fires.

Panic and palsy and pulsating pains; grips and grinds, in groaning graves.

Hoards and hemlock and hounds of Hell; scar and shred, in shimmery shells.

Loss and love and lonely lives; toss and turn, in tormenting tides.   
Ronnie H. Lee 10/21/2014

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Wish You Could

I Wish You Could

Can you see me?

Sitting alone in the corner.

Can you feel me?

Gazing into your soul.

Can you hear me?

Crying in the night.

Can you smell them?

The flowers that fill the room.

Can you taste me?

Pressing against your lips.

I can still smell.

The sweetness of your skin.

I can still hear.

Your heartbeat echoing in my soul.

I can still feel.

My love for you that never swayed.

I can see.

Your tears because I’m gone.

Why couldn’t you want me when I was still alive?

Ronnie H. Lee 10/13/2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Finally Home

Finally Home

Which reality, is the one that’s real; am I allowed to choose, based on what I feel.

I wake each day, to a firey Hell; from the peaceful bliss, with an Angel I dwell.

I close my eyes, and dance with a Goddess; I give her the world, with all the love I promise.

But how cruel it is, to have to wake; to feel her absence, as I start to ache.

I see a world, where hatred runs free; and the greed of mankind, is an ever darkening sea.

I want to slip back, into a coma with thee; where my soul isn’t screaming, and my heart feels free.

It hard to explain, a curse from so deep; I cry from my core, till the twilight of sleep.

This can’t be living, with all of its pain; I might as well exist, in the Reapers Domain.

I wonder if, you dream in death; or will she fade forever, if I don’t take this breath?

I want a life, where love’s the cure; where I can sleep and wake, and feel secure.

What is a dream, with all of its peace; where your soul is at ease, and your Demons cease.

I will choose this side, with the Angels and fairies; where I’m not all alone, and my love she carries.

Why should I wake, to a world on fire; where death and destruction, is everyone’s desire?

Who is to say, which one is real; which one is free, and which can I steal?

One is a dream, where I know I belong; where I know I am loved, and my soul has a song.

A nightmare in Hell, is on the other side; where dreams and desires, have been broken and died.

I want to sleep, but don’t want to wake; with each new day, a little more hope they take.

Am I really awake, when I think I’m asleep; is my mind a prison, with my thoughts this deep?

I’m weary and tired, from this battle I fight; I just want the strength, to find my forever night.

To close my eyes, and never return; to a world like this, where all I do is burn.

Is it so wrong, to take this way out; when the next words I hear, is what life’s all about.

I’m getting so tired, in this torment I roam; I close my eyes now, and hear “Honey you’re home”.

I finally can choose, to find my way; in this Garden of Eden, with this Angel I’ll stay.

Ronnie H. Lee 10/4/2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014



Bully’s exist, and effect our life; with their words and actions, that cause us strife.

The thing you don’t know, is their really afraid; so buried down deep, their anger they trade.

The fear they cause, to the ones they abuse; is because they’re not taught, there’s other views.

They hide behind, the cruelty they give; and never think, of how others will live.

Verbal abuse, is just the beginning; they think if you’re crying, then they are winning.

Physical trauma, is next on the list; when their words aren’t working, they move to their fists.

Mental torture, may not damage the skin; but the scars they cause, are buried deep within.

Bullying is, a major issue these days; action is needed, it’s not just a phase.

They start when they’re young, and need to be taught; so as an adult, an abuser they’re not.

Imagine a life, when you’re abused every day; when no one will listen, or cares what you say.

You stand there and take it, and hear some laugh; but you’re left all alone, no one on your behalf.

You think this is normal, because no one will help; they all turned a blind eye, when you let out a yelp.

Now what kind of message, do we send to others; when we won’t even defend, our sisters and brothers?

Now imagine a child, that’s scared every day; because you made it ok, to be treated this way.

Do you think they will find, the peace they deserve; or wait for the bully’s, to give what they serve?

They hate the life, that they have to live; for everyone takes, with nothing to give.

As an adult, this is hard enough; some fight every day, to deal with this stuff.

Some don’t make it, because of a bully; because a bully becomes an abuser, and destroy you fully.

A child deserves comfort, and not told it’s their fault; so they bury the emotion, and take the assault.

How would you feel, if you didn’t say a word; and you let a bully persist, with the abuse they transferred.

So come to find out, the day that had past; was too much for that child, so they made it their last.

Ronnie H. Lee 10/2/2014