Sunday, March 23, 2014

Emotional Blindness

Emotional Blindness

The expression of pain, comes in many forms; what right do you have, to suggest a norm.

The sign that you see, is all that comes out; there’s a war raging inside, filled with Demons of doubt.

The tears on my face, are easiest to see; they boil in Hell, from a depth within me.

I try to escape, the emotions that come; but you can never be free, when you don’t know where they’re from.

An aching inside, that you can’t conceive; the Death Dealer is here, and he won’t let me leave.

You try to be smug, as you tell me your cure; you would choke on despair, if your pain was this pure.

You see that there’s signs, but you turn a blind eye; you sit there and judge, and think you know why.

The scars on my body, are an expression of will; I took all the beatings, and kept quiet and still.

I try to be cool, and wear a thick mask; I don’t know what to say, and don’t want you to ask.

There’s no way to explain, or give you a peek; a day in your life, takes me a week.

I try to be strong, and not feel like a waste; but your memories of me, would be best served erased.

A consumption of fire, that erupts from this pit; is a blank stare of pain, as I roast on this spit.

The chills that you see, that crawl up my spine; are the slayers of hope, come to drink me like wine.

I say that I’m fine, to make you feel better; you take it and run, and ignore my last letter.

The person you see, has become undone; I’ve been trapped in the darkness, with no light from the sun.

A limit we have, before we will break; but what do you do, when Death just won’t take.

 So you say that you know, and that you’ve been there; but your emotions so cold, it puts a chill in the air.

My expressions of pain, are buried down deep; fighting the fiends, for my eternal sleep.

Emotional blindness, is the illness you spread; it seeps in my pores, and fills me with dread.

I shake and I twitch, from the poison inside; which one do you see, my Jekyll or Hyde.

So I sit here and smile, and put on a good show; for this person you see, you really don’t know.

                                          By Ron Lee

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Secret

The Secret

The dark is a place, where I sit and I dream; it relaxes my soul, and calms all the screams.

I think of my life, and what I want to do; I plan for a future, that I can spend with you.

I search and I struggle, to find the old me; I think he’s long gone, for never more to be.

As I sift through the pieces, of what I once was; I long for my love, that came from above.

My life is a puzzle, that’s not clean or neat; it’s a search for another, to make my picture complete.

I curse at the sun, and pray for the night; if I am lost in the shadows, then I’ll survive the fight.

I sit here in silence, just bidding my time; for I’m just a big secret, waiting in line.

I love her so much, she’s one of a kind; I hope I’m the one, when she makes up her mind.

I’ve waited so long, to be the one that she wants; I’m lost in my mind, reliving my haunts.

What will I do, what will I say; if I’m left all alone, at the end of this day.

I’ve suffered so much, I’ve lost all I had; my heart won’t survive, if this all goes bad.

She’s my last hope, she’s my last chance; to experience true love, and finish this dance.

When all is a mess, I’m the one she will call; she has faith in me, to stop the fall.

I’ve done what I can, my heart I have passed; I hope she is careful, it’s fragile as glass.

 I’m the one in her dreams, when she closes her eyes; when she knows I am near, it makes her heart fly.

I’m a secret for now, but this is what’s true; we’re in love with each other, and we can see this through.

With my hand on your neck, with the gentlest of touch; I kiss your sweet lips, and make you quiver so much.

Our hearts are in tune, with this love that we share; I’m the one that you want, because I’ve always been there.

With the truth being told, and the secret is out; you denied my existence, and cast me about.

The lies that you told, without taking a breath; has stripped me of will, as I welcome my Death.
By Ron Lee

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Final Season

My Final Season

Lightning strikes, as clouds roll in; the rain comes down, for new life to begin.

The seasons change, as spring is here; to cleanse the earth, with its tears.

Mother Nature spills her blood; she cuts her veins, and brings a flood.

From brown to green, you see the change; new life is here, but feels quite strange.

We’ve suffered through, the winter gloom; to see the sun, and flowers bloom.

With the colors, that we see; why’s this Demon, still haunting me?

New life galore, as flowers bud; green grass grows, through the soggy mud.

I see a color, that’s red to me; but is it the same, that you can see?

The sun is bright, and full of life; but I’m trapped in Hell, with all my strife.

I want the warmth, to soothe my soul; to heal my wounds, and make me whole.

The days are bright, and longer still; I thought the change, would increase my will.

Searching for, some brighter days; the winds blows strong, to clear my grave.

The day is gone, the sun has set; no more light, for me to get.

Now I sit, in the dark of night; my soul is drained, from the fight.

I wasn’t strong, now I’m dead; in the earth I go, for the ground to be fed.

Just say goodbye, don’t shed a tear; I’ll see you later, when you get here.

I’m all around, for you to see; I fed that flower, it’s part of me.

You’ll hear my voice, in the wind; I’ll whisper softly, with the love I send.

So when you see, that twinkling star; it’s just for you, from across the far.
By Ron Lee