Monday, January 4, 2016

Kiss from Beyond

Kiss from Beyond
For all I’ve tried, and all I have done; my only wish, was for our hearts to be one.
A sea of sound, fills the room; while I sit in silence, and contemplate doom.
People laugh, and feel connected; my thoughts are dark, and misdirected.
I see them talk, and look at peace; while I pray for the day, it all will cease.
Some are sweet, and move with grace; as I fade from existence, without a trace.
They have Angels, shining bright; I have Demons, fighting tonight.
I wonder how long, before they know; I couldn't take no more, and had to go.
I'll miss my love, most of all; and the sound of her voice, from just a call.
I hear the echo, of my silent screams; they fill my day, and not just my dreams.
I wonder if, she felt my heart; or feels this empty, when we’re apart.
An Angels touch, is what I miss; so I’ll warm your soul, with this final kiss.
Ronnie H Lee 1/5/2016

Saturday, November 28, 2015

All Aboard

All Aboard
Twisted thoughts and demented dreams; trapped in Hell, with my silent screams.

Pray for peace, that never comes; just deafening sounds, from my demon’s drums.

Play the game, to survive the day; waiting for the next, that will throw me away.

Shallow beats, from a dying Heart; how long does it take, for my soul to depart.

Withered and broken, from the ghouls that live deep; they know they’ve won, as I lie down and weep.

You know I am right, as you look in my eyes; its sorrow and sadness, that wants to say its goodbyes.

The battle goes on, with the Devil within; when you’re just fighting yourself, how do you ever win?

No way to keep score, or think you’re ahead; because if one of you wins, you both are Dead.

Silently suffering, with these Demons of mine; the train has derailed, as we reach the end of the line.

I was given this ticket, in my soul it was stored; now the reapers collecting, as he welcomes me aboard.
Ronnie H. Lee 11/28/2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Dead End

Tragic is a life where you cant find happiness. You know it's there but it is just out of your reach. You experience it in fleeting moments that always have to end. The pointless consistency of another day hoping for something you never get to keep is a cruel existence that eats at your soul and chills your heart. If anyone would truly experience life inside my head, they would never again ask if I was ok. They would understand that every breath is a battle and every thought ...has a darkness at its core. If you look past the mask that I wear you will see the sadness in the empty pools that stare back at you. My silence and absence is not because I don't care, it is because the Hell I exist in is too far away for others to see. You cant share what you cant find and there is no sense in looking when there is no one to share it with. It is called a Dead End for a reason. 

 Ronnie H. Lee 6/12/2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Vow

The Vow
When I asked him about the case, his eyes grew cold and distant; a kind of shield, to protect his heart in an instant.

He stared in a gaze, for it wasn’t just a case; it was made with great care, and lined with silk and lace.

There were trinkets and letters, and scraps of paper laid in; surrounding a gold vase, that stood shining within.

 A memorial of sorts, that brought him to tears; for it’s all that remains, of the love he spent years.

It sat by the window, in the glow of the Sun; surrounded by flower, and pictures of loved ones.

She was more than a women, or a wife you see; she was the air that I breathe, and the best part of me.

She made me feel whole, with a smile on my face; she was my Angel from Heaven, that moved with such Grace.

I am sure there are plenty, that could have flown; so why did he take her, and leave me all alone?

So that case will set there, till the day I die; for I made a vow, and I can’t say Goodbye.
Ronnie H. Lee 3/23/2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Tomb

Hello everyone. I haven't been able to write at all this year until today. Hopefully the block is gone. So here is my first piece for this year.

The Tomb

My eyes went from full of life to Black Death as my heart drifted out of my life. It’s a kind of torment that goes beyond searing pain and into the realm of torturous mutilation. To feel the love from a one sided perspective as they disavow any feelings for you, draws agony from the ground as it engulfs your body. The icy chill that entombs your soul and silences the screams from within becomes your home as you sit and wonder if Death would be more humane.
Ronnie H. Lee 3/18/2015

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love or Pain

Love or Pain

It is a feeling you hope to experience but it scares you as much as it makes you fly. It lurks in the shadows of you hopes and dreams. It whispers in the silence of your heart and takes your mind on a journey through the cosmos. It starts out as a want and turns into a need as it feels like the only thing that will pull back from the edge of insanity or plummet you head first into abyss of sorrow. The gentle touch that calms the raging storm in your soul as you stare into the eyes of your future and pray you never have to blink and lose sight of her. Love is this feeling that once it has ahold of you, forever alters your meaning of life and living. She is the very essence that breathes life into your body and you need to spend every second for the rest of your life proving that she is the Queen of your eternity. Never forget to show the one you love how much they enrich your existence. Words can be said and gifts can be bought, but it is in your actions that your heart will pour itself out at her feet and carry her through life on a cloud. Cherish the gift you have been given before you understand the true meaning of pain.

Ronnie H. Lee 1/24/2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lost Within

Lost within

There is a road some travel, where time is just a concept, only remembered in dreams and fairytales of distant memories. The shadows of hope are long since consumed by the soul shredders and heart hackers as time is at a standstill. Where silence and solitude have become their new lover and the closest thing to a loving touch, is the knife that penetrates between the shoulders and kisses their heart. The tears that fall are more than just echoes of pain but of suffering yet to be experienced. Muddy, mangled, and malicious is this rotting, rough road of despair that engulfs any light you search for. Many would think they have found Hell but realize the cold chill that aches to their bones is vacant of the warmth that at least Hell would offer. Good cannot scale the walls that have been built and Evil is not needed, for the punishment that is dealt by one’s own mind is more sadistic than the father of fire could inflict himself. Their bodies may still be alive but inside they are corpses of ash waiting to collapse into the next gust that will carry them away. So when you see a person that struggles to wear a smile for you, while their eyes are screaming pools of pain, know that the actions you take next could be their final vision of betrayal or their first experience of hope.

Ronnie H. Lee 1/10/2015