Saturday, January 24, 2015

Love or Pain

Love or Pain

It is a feeling you hope to experience but it scares you as much as it makes you fly. It lurks in the shadows of you hopes and dreams. It whispers in the silence of your heart and takes your mind on a journey through the cosmos. It starts out as a want and turns into a need as it feels like the only thing that will pull back from the edge of insanity or plummet you head first into abyss of sorrow. The gentle touch that calms the raging storm in your soul as you stare into the eyes of your future and pray you never have to blink and lose sight of her. Love is this feeling that once it has ahold of you, forever alters your meaning of life and living. She is the very essence that breathes life into your body and you need to spend every second for the rest of your life proving that she is the Queen of your eternity. Never forget to show the one you love how much they enrich your existence. Words can be said and gifts can be bought, but it is in your actions that your heart will pour itself out at her feet and carry her through life on a cloud. Cherish the gift you have been given before you understand the true meaning of pain.

Ronnie H. Lee 1/24/2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lost Within

Lost within

There is a road some travel, where time is just a concept, only remembered in dreams and fairytales of distant memories. The shadows of hope are long since consumed by the soul shredders and heart hackers as time is at a standstill. Where silence and solitude have become their new lover and the closest thing to a loving touch, is the knife that penetrates between the shoulders and kisses their heart. The tears that fall are more than just echoes of pain but of suffering yet to be experienced. Muddy, mangled, and malicious is this rotting, rough road of despair that engulfs any light you search for. Many would think they have found Hell but realize the cold chill that aches to their bones is vacant of the warmth that at least Hell would offer. Good cannot scale the walls that have been built and Evil is not needed, for the punishment that is dealt by one’s own mind is more sadistic than the father of fire could inflict himself. Their bodies may still be alive but inside they are corpses of ash waiting to collapse into the next gust that will carry them away. So when you see a person that struggles to wear a smile for you, while their eyes are screaming pools of pain, know that the actions you take next could be their final vision of betrayal or their first experience of hope.

Ronnie H. Lee 1/10/2015