Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happiness Project by Isshe Hapy: Living with compassion. The more I do, the less I...

Happiness Project by Isshe Hapy: Living with compassion. The more I do, the less I...: It is heart breaking to see the amount of people who live so negatively.  There are all of these negative behaviors and thoughts we have be...

Fist Up

This is a collaboration between Lamar Valentine and myself.
Fist Up

I try to knock down these walls that close in I’ve beat the beast down that dwells deep within.

 Like sharks are to blood I’ll beat my ills down they can kiss my ass cause I’ll never stay down I fight with the rage and dance like Balboa don’t close your eyes now I got somethin to show ya.

The world is cruel and will pick your bones clean time to put your fist up and show that your mean I can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee you better find a new route if you’re comin after me.

I try to knock down these walls that close in I’ve beat the beast down that dwells deep within.

I got two fists up and I’m ready to fight gonna block with my left and kick your ass with my right. You won’t see it comin as we start this bout say your prayers now cause I’m taken you out.

Your mind is a maze like you’re caught in a trap never givin up till that grip goes snap. Run while you can cause I’m never going back I found my way out and I’m running this track.

 I try to knock down these walls that close in I’ve beat the beast down that dwells deep within.

We have an edition to throw your way, so listen up now to what he has to say. Fist up is what he represents these words you hear are with his consent. He speaks from the heart bypassing all the scars, so listen right now cause these sounds are Lamar’s.

Like Ron said We knock down these walls So try and build them back quickly if you have the balls.

This is light facing dark I can now see clearly so back yourself up before I rain on you deeply

This is our final chapter The book was full of misery Now we're back on the right track and the pain is now history.

It’s now dust I'm living without the rush in my head it no longer feels it’s going to bust

No more bad thoughts, No more pain no more playing these dirty games I may have seemed insane but I can explain Just create a time chamber to go to see what was left in my brain!

Past events that were felt with hurt Thought my last resting spot was going to start in a hearse

But life is not a curse you can see that I did it life is worth living choosing to farther my existence

Now I spread the word around trying to tell all that it’s a better way out and not choose to fall Time to say Enough, Refuse , Fist up time to scream it all cause just like Ron said We knock down these walls.
By Ron Lee & Lamar Valentine.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sometimes you just need to listen.

The Answer

A love that you know has left you behind, to deal with this world that is so unkind.

No matter their age at the time of demise, we hope and we pray that they will arise.

We miss them so much this isn’t fair, this pain that exists is too much to bare.

I loved them so much why did they have to leave, to say its God’s plan is hard to believe.

I pray to the heavens in search of the truth, Dear God take me away and restore their youth.

I beg and I cry to show me the way, how can I exist without them each day.

I look for a sign to set me at ease, I ask of you now just give me this please.

Their future was bright with all that is great, what right did you have for their life you did take.

I look all around and see life on the go, they’re oblivious to this for him they didn’t know.

I silently sit and hope it’s a dream, I realize it’s not and I begin to scream.

Just as I start I feel a sense of peace, a brush on my shoulder makes it all cease.

A voice I did hear as I sit in the night, “I’m your Angel now and all is alright”.
By Ron Lee

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The way life seems.


Watching people as they walk on by, we keep to ourselves and never say “hi”.

We push and we shove and give a gesture or two, we simply don’t care what it is that we do.

We talk to our friends and act like we care, but when they need us the most we’re never there.

We bitch and we moan about how life isn’t fair, but when an accident we see we just stand and stare.

We’re not so good we’re not that great, you should take this moment to contemplate.

What have we become what are we to be, you should pray to your God on a bended knee.

We do nothing for free and take what we can, is it so much to ask to help your fellow man.

With nothing but shame and your soul on the loose, the Devil is coming to fit you for a noose.

Take heed to this warning before it’s too late, keep living like this and you’ve sealed your fate.

I’ve seen what we’ve done I’ve experienced the wrath, just make the effort to follow a new path.

Monday, August 5, 2013

This is my second book. Please check it out.

Losing Weight Is Not Easy: From Fat to Flab - You - Less
Authored by Ron Lee

List Price: $9.99
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
60 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1491277454 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1491277459
BISAC: Health & Fitness / Weight Loss
One thing that I want to make very clear. This is not a diet book. It may be classified that way by a book store but this is not a diet book. Diet is a four letter word that makes most of us cringe when we hear it. No one wants to be on a diet. Saying you are on a diet already puts negative thoughts in your head and none of us need more of those.
Simply put this is a lifestyle change. A change for the better.