Monday, January 4, 2016

Kiss from Beyond

Kiss from Beyond
For all I’ve tried, and all I have done; my only wish, was for our hearts to be one.
A sea of sound, fills the room; while I sit in silence, and contemplate doom.
People laugh, and feel connected; my thoughts are dark, and misdirected.
I see them talk, and look at peace; while I pray for the day, it all will cease.
Some are sweet, and move with grace; as I fade from existence, without a trace.
They have Angels, shining bright; I have Demons, fighting tonight.
I wonder how long, before they know; I couldn't take no more, and had to go.
I'll miss my love, most of all; and the sound of her voice, from just a call.
I hear the echo, of my silent screams; they fill my day, and not just my dreams.
I wonder if, she felt my heart; or feels this empty, when we’re apart.
An Angels touch, is what I miss; so I’ll warm your soul, with this final kiss.
Ronnie H Lee 1/5/2016