Saturday, November 28, 2015

All Aboard

All Aboard
Twisted thoughts and demented dreams; trapped in Hell, with my silent screams.

Pray for peace, that never comes; just deafening sounds, from my demon’s drums.

Play the game, to survive the day; waiting for the next, that will throw me away.

Shallow beats, from a dying Heart; how long does it take, for my soul to depart.

Withered and broken, from the ghouls that live deep; they know they’ve won, as I lie down and weep.

You know I am right, as you look in my eyes; its sorrow and sadness, that wants to say its goodbyes.

The battle goes on, with the Devil within; when you’re just fighting yourself, how do you ever win?

No way to keep score, or think you’re ahead; because if one of you wins, you both are Dead.

Silently suffering, with these Demons of mine; the train has derailed, as we reach the end of the line.

I was given this ticket, in my soul it was stored; now the reapers collecting, as he welcomes me aboard.
Ronnie H. Lee 11/28/2015