Monday, March 23, 2015

The Vow

The Vow
When I asked him about the case, his eyes grew cold and distant; a kind of shield, to protect his heart in an instant.

He stared in a gaze, for it wasn’t just a case; it was made with great care, and lined with silk and lace.

There were trinkets and letters, and scraps of paper laid in; surrounding a gold vase, that stood shining within.

 A memorial of sorts, that brought him to tears; for it’s all that remains, of the love he spent years.

It sat by the window, in the glow of the Sun; surrounded by flower, and pictures of loved ones.

She was more than a women, or a wife you see; she was the air that I breathe, and the best part of me.

She made me feel whole, with a smile on my face; she was my Angel from Heaven, that moved with such Grace.

I am sure there are plenty, that could have flown; so why did he take her, and leave me all alone?

So that case will set there, till the day I die; for I made a vow, and I can’t say Goodbye.
Ronnie H. Lee 3/23/2015